Zack Snyder discloses Original Plans for Aquaman post Batman v Superman Debut

Before watching his solo film cross the $1 billion mark at the global box office, Jason Momoa’s take on Aquaman emerging in not one, but two Zack Snyder DC movies. He had an eminent role in Justice League back in 2017, but his first appearance took place a little over a year before that in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Aquaman bit presented the underwater hero with a trident, which would’ve come back into play later on in Snyder’s vision for the franchise.

Batman V/S Superman

Batman v/s superman
This movie and its hints on Aquaman

Batman v Superman was exhibited in theaters four years ago, and Snyder went live on Vero over the weekend for a director’s commentary of the film. While conversing about the ideas behind all of Batman v Superman‘s multiple scenes, Snyder hinted at what was going on in the Aquaman debut.

Vulko and the trident

Nuidis Vulko | DC
Vulko had the trident in a pretty safe grip

‘The concept applied here was that he had his, to me it was that he had maybe trained with his mother’s trident a handful of times with Vulko, but he wasn’t keeping it himself,” Snyder described. “So Vulko kept the trident close to him and, as required, if they were training, he would snatch it from him, but he’d always return. But he never took it up as like a real mantle.”


It's Aquaman 2 vs Star Wars in December 2022 | Batman News
The tale of Aquaman and trident

So the trident being applied by Aquaman in the BvS sequence wasn’t his at all, but rather the one that belonged to his mother that he solely used for training purposes. What we are unaware of is how this idea would have influenced the resulting Aquaman movie. Had Snyder still been around supervising much of the franchise, could his ideas for Aquaman have steered the direction James Wan went with the solo film? Things may have modified a little bit, but it seems like the tale of vindication and rising to the throne that Aquaman experienced in this movie still would’ve been leading themes.

Comic-con trailer

YouTube video

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