Zack Snyder now seems free of the shackles that Warner Bros had him under. The DCEU architect has been really vocal in the recent days answering fans about what could’ve been with Justice League, based on all speculations from concept art and unused footage from Snyder’s film.

Yesterday, Snyder dropped in a big confirmation: an ending scene from Justice League, which sets up an introduction to another major threat.

The ending scene sees the team in front of a Boom Tube that seems to sync with many other previous details dropped by Snyder. These details highlight BvS: Dawn of Justice’s references to the Mother Boxes, along with subplots in the film that established the foundation of the introduction of Darkseid in the DCEU. This also includes young Darkseid’s role in the war against Apokolips.

The growing evidence hints that Snyder had plans for a two-part Justice League story. He had a slow buildup to Darkseid’s debut, just like many DC fans had wanted. If you examine the picture above, it seems like this end scene of Justice League could’ve been Darkseid’s grand introduction to the DCEU continuity. Lord Apokolips would’ve come to Earth to collect Steppenwolf after he failed to complete the task.

Now whether or not that task was a generic MacGuffin chase that we got to see in Justice League or something that would’ve played out in the two-arc story is the next big question that remains.

Zack Snyder’s revelation about his story arc seems really interesting until now, and it’s getting more and more frustrating for fans to have his vision shred into pieces by Warner Bros.

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