Zazie Beetz Pitches A Perfect Joker And Deadpool Cross-Over

Joker is killing at the box office and Joaquin Phoenix is getting much of the deserved attention. The audience should now pay due attention  to Zazie Beetz. Our female lead has some good achievements on her resume. Todd Phillips’ Joker is now the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. The movie beat last year’s Deadpool 2. Those two films are harder-edged takes on comic characters. But that’s not all they have in common. There is another aspect, and that would be Beetz.

Zazie Beetz: A Common Element In Both Films


Zazie Beetz plays Sophie, an apparent love interest of Arthur Fleck in the film. In Deadpool 2, she portrays the lucky mercenary known as Domino. In fact, Beetz and Rob Liefeld introduced a perfect pitch for a third project.

For a recent Instagram post, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld wrote that Beetz now features in the two highest-grossing R-rated films. He took pride in calling her “the secret ingredient for success.”

Beetz joked in reply that it is the right time for these two comic book worlds to collide. She even found a way of bringing Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu into the conversation:

“The 3rd top-rated R movie will be a romantic comedy where Deadpool and Joker go on a cross country road trip from Pennsylvania to Oregon, and I play their disgruntled niece who was dragged along for the ride. Narrated by Josh Brolin, written by Pikachu ♥️♥️ @vancityreynolds @robliefeld @joshbrolin @jokermovie @deadpoolmovie.”

See below for the post from Rob Liefeld and see what Zazie Beetz has to say for it:

Will Disney And Warner Bros. Come Together?

Something tells us that Disney and Warner Bros. will hesitate to go-ahead with this idea anytime soon. Many fans would love to see the idea become a reality, but we’ll have to wait and see

What do you think about this idea? Let us know in the comments!

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