Zombie Variants Of Popular MCU Characters We Wish To See In Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 trailers have been teasing fans and we just can’t wait for the movie to hit the theatres already. But what shocked us the most was seeing Wanda and Strange as Zombie Variants.

MCU was right to name the film “Multiverse of Madness” because it certainly is living up to its name! While we will be witnessing some crazy powerful zombie variants of Wanda and Doctor Strange, we wish to see these popular MCU characters’ Zombie variants too!

1. Thanos

Zombies Doctor Strange
Thanos is equally scary as a Zombie

We know MCU is done with Thanos… at least his appearance in the movies or shows, but he would always be mentioned. In Marvel’s animated show What If…? Thanos is still searching for the mind stone. Doctor Strange is already in a lot of mess, but imagine him having to deal with Thanos and infinity stones again. If we have learned anything, that would be anything is possible when it’s a Sam Raimi movie.

2. Captain America

Doctor Strange Zombies
Captain America zombie variant

Though Chris Evans or rather Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America, we would love to have him for a cameo. Even though he is a zombie, we did see how tough he is in What If…? He actually seemed to overpower Winter Soldier as well. And honestly, have you ever met someone who doesn’t like Captain America? Not us.

3. Iron Man

Doctor Strange 2 Zombies
Tony Stark’s Zombie Variant

Our favorite superhero might have become a zombie, but his armor definitely looked intact in What If…? That means he can still fly, use repulsor gloves and attack all his enemies. Now we know that we are already meeting Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man. He is probably going to cause trouble for our Sorcerer Supreme. Two Iron Men? That is going to be intense.

4. Hawkeye

doctor strange 2 zombies
Hawkeye Zombie in What If…?

What If…? certainly displayed some insane powers when it came to Hawkeye’s zombie variant. We could see that he is still very dangerous when it comes to his sharpshooting skills. His long-range attacks are very deadly for Wanda and Dr. Strange if they are distracted by multiple other variants. But they surely would be able to see it coming thanks to their magical abilities.

5. Falcon

Doctor Strange 2 Zombie Variants
Falcon’s Zombie Variant

Thanks to Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the character finally got to be in the lead (Sort of since it was shared by Bucky). But yes, that made many people acknowledge him and he even managed to get some new fans. In What If…? even though a zombie, he was still giving a challenging time to Bucky and Okoye and was able to dodge their attacks and even chased them around. Even though he was killed, that doesn’t stop him from making an appearance in Doctor Strange 2

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